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My name is Sangeeta and I’m a Certified Holistic Health Coach with a passion for Vocal Coaching, Music and Singing.

I specialize in coaching Artists around the world to not only learn to sing/improve upon their current technique, to find their unique voice, build their confidence, as well as do it all the healthy way and holistically.

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It’s time to learn how to sing – with your health and wellness in mind, because an Artist is only as strong as their health regime.

Introducing my “Own Your Voice” Program – a one of a kind Online Course you can access anytime, anywhere for your Mind, Body & Soul

What Will I Learn?

Here’s a preview of just some of what you will learn in my “Own Your Voice” Program

Module 1

Introduction to Singing

What food should you eat or what should you avoid for your best voice?

Module 2

Posture & Breathing Techniques
What is the ideal posture for singing and how to breathe properly

Module 3

Tips & Tricks

I share my favourite tips and tricks on how to style a song with your voice

& So much more!

Message me below if you’re interested in Pre-Enrolling in my course!

You’re a Star!

You just need the right daily guidance to show you the way. A Vocal Health Coach as myself will give you the support, accountability and proper technique as to how to sound like yourself and make each song your own.





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